How It Works

In recent years there has been a growing popularity for forskolin supplements. This is mainly because of its recently discovered use a weight loss supplements but this is far from all what it does it has been in use for centuries providing various medical uses. Forskolin is a naturally occurring chemical found in the roots of plectranthus barbatus a plant in the mint family. The supplement has the ability to increase adenylate cyclase activity while also increasing intercellular cAMP levels, which are essential in the proper functioning of the cells thus muscles and blood vessels. Its unique ability to do this is what has made forskolin a new miracles drug that provides relief for numerous medical conditions while providing weight loss and muscle building properties.
· Allergen free
This all natural supplement is safe for use by all individuals as it does not contain any ingredients that can cause an allergic reaction such as gluten, peanuts, milk, egg, shellfish and soy.
· Long term and permanent benefits
Unlike convention drugs this herbal supplement provides long term and permanent benefits for conditions that it is intended to help provide relief from.
· Long term use is safe
Forskolin can be used for long periods of time without causing any side effects to an individual. It is therefore possible to use it until you attain the desired results.
· Various delivery methods
The supplement can be administered in various ways depending on the condition you want to treat. The oral means of administering the supplement is the most common and treats majority of conditions such as obesity, allergies, irritable bowel syndrome, insomnia, UTI’s among others. It is recommended that you inhale a powdered version of the supplement to help treat asthma while heart failure is treated by intravenously administering the drug. Administering the supplement in form of drops into the eyes has been used to treat glaucoma.
How it works
Forskolin has the unique ability to increase the production of cyclic AMP or cAMP which is responsible for the heart’s muscle ability to contract, which basically means it increases it ability to contract. It also increases the contraction of the blood vessels which combined produces a more powerful heartbeat and wider blood vessels causing one’s blood pressure to lower. It is speculated that forskolin has ability to influence the functioning of the platelets and thyroid. This points out to its ability to prevent cancer metastasis and the growth of tumors and the prevention of platelet adhesion and aggregations. Use of the supplement to as eye drops to treat glaucoma relieves intraocular pressure to provide better vision.